QuickBooks Data Migration

With extensive experience in overseeing a variety of QuickBooks migrations on various platforms, we are committed to ensuring a smooth and worry-free transition to QuickBooks for your convenience.

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The Advantages of Our Proficiency in QuickBooks Data Migration

Starting the process of transitioning your accounting or ERP system might seem daunting. Depending on how long your business has been in operation, you could have a significant amount of data to manage, and aligning your current accounting setup with QuickBooks may not be a straightforward task. You don’t have to struggle with the complexities of QuickBooks conversion tools. Our team of experienced professionals will expertly and securely handle the migration of your data, saving you precious time and reducing unnecessary stress.

When you choose to collaborate with Accounting Treasures, you’ll be paired with a dedicated conversion specialist. They will conduct a thorough assessment of your unique circumstances, identify the specific QuickBooks products that best suit your needs, and work with you to craft a tailored conversion plan that aligns with your pace. Moreover, our team comprises proficient programmers available round-the-clock who will oversee the extraction, refinement, and integration of your historical data. Following the conversion, your team will receive extensive training on the new system. We’ll also provide guidance in establishing efficient processes that empower you to fully leverage the capabilities of your new system.

Phase 1. Identify Required Items

Your assigned QuickBooks Conversion expert will invest time in getting to know your business and its existing setup. Our goal is to gain a deep understanding of your team’s accounting system requirements, which may include identifying the necessary QuickBooks products like QuickBooks Enterprise, Payroll, Point-of-Sale System, or Field Service Management.

Phase 2. Configuration of Template Files

This procedure involves creating customized workflows to seamlessly tailor QuickBooks to your unique business needs, ensuring a smooth integration. Our goal is to seamlessly migrate all your data from your current accounting system. During this short transition phase, you may find it advantageous to implement double-entry accounting in both your current system and the new QuickBooks setup. This approach facilitates the extraction of essential data, including critical reports like Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Profit and Loss statements, monthly balance sheets, and any other vital information necessary for the transition to QuickBooks.

Phase 3: Initiate Live Training for Your Team

Facilitating a smooth transition to the new software at your company relies on comprehensive training for your team. We are ready to offer extensive training sessions, guaranteeing the proficiency of your team in effectively utilizing the new system. Accounting Treasures is renowned for its exceptional training services and offers an extensive library of over 200 training videos available on our website. Our commitment to your success extends beyond our current clients, as we aspire to empower all QuickBooks users with the essential knowledge for achieving their goals.

Phase 4: Conclude and Scrutinize the Accounts

This procedure aids us in identifying any extra data or monthly reports that are vital for the smooth functioning of your business. At times, the significance of certain information only becomes apparent when it becomes inaccessible. Hence, we will perform a comprehensive evaluation to ensure that all indispensable elements are included. If there are any additional files that require migration, we will seamlessly transfer them from your previous system to QuickBooks.

Phase 5: Continuation and Sustaining

We’re extending an opportunity for you to make use of QuickBooks software for approximately one month. After this trial period, we’ll touch base to evaluate your progress. If you encounter any challenges, we’ll address them promptly. Additionally, if any features or data were inadvertently omitted from your previous system, we’ll efficiently recover and integrate them. To bolster your ongoing success, we recommend enrolling in our monthly or quarterly closing services, which will help you stay on track with your financial management. Our goal is to ensure that your accounting software is maximally optimized.

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The Accounting Treasures advantage

Our proficient team, with extensive knowledge in QuickBooks and ERP solutions, stands ready to assist your business, whether you’re at the initial stages of establishment or already a well-established enterprise.

Keep your historical data

Guarantee a smooth transition of essential business records, assuring the successful transfer of every piece of historical data to the new system.

Reduce double entry

Accelerate the conversion process timeline, minimize the time allocated to dual-system management, and eliminate the need for redundant data entry.

Extend and customize QuickBooks

Improve your QuickBooks experience with the expertise of our team of proficient developers, who can leverage the QuickBooks API's potential to craft personalized modules and extensions.

Get set up correctly from the start

Confirm that your system has been set up correctly, with all tables and databases operating without issues, and make certain that your bank accounts are properly linked.

Get more out of your software

Maximize the capabilities of QuickBooks with our expert assistance. Discover how to make the most of more than 150 pre-made reports and create personalized reports that cater to your unique business requirements.

We're there for you long-term

Ensure you have a consistent support team available to resolve issues and guarantee that your QuickBooks system grows alongside your business expansion.

Accounting Treasures drive

At Accunting Treasures, we have developed a proven method for engaging with clients, which is a critical factor in achieving enduring financial success.


We initiate the process by developing a comprehensive comprehension of your existing systems and operational procedures, aiming to uncover concealed problems and potential obstacles.


Our thoughtfully crafted method for defining project scope, centered on promoting inclusivity and enlightenment, is intended to remove any possible obstacles.

Right Fit

Secure tax savings and access expert legal protection for all your tax-related concerns. You’re never on your own anymore.

Vision Implementation

Your project begins with the primary objective of obtaining accurate data to facilitate well-informed decision-making within the business context.

Endless Execution

Your project begins with the ultimate objective of obtaining accurate data to facilitate well-informed business choices.


Certified QuickBooks Experts

Our team, consisting of certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, boasts a track record of successfully executing numerous QuickBooks implementations and projects across the entire country. We offer a dependable reservoir of knowledge and expertise, serving as your unwavering business ally. Allow us to assist you in the efficient introduction and optimization of a tailored QuickBooks solution designed to meet your unique business needs.


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  • Accounting & Finance
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Agriculture
  • Biotech & Pharmaceuticals
  • Computer / IT Services
  • Computer Software
  • Construction & Contracting
  • Distribution & Wholesale
  • eCommerce